Parents Need To Find Balance with Social Media Monitoring

social media monitoringThese days, social media is considered to play a major role in the lives of people all around the world. Especially, when we talk about the younger generation, social media has now become an integral part of every youngster’s life. Due to this fact, all parents have to realize the need to create a fine balance between the adequate monitoring of their kids’ activities and the level of autonomy given to them to make their decisions and to choose between good and bad.

Chuck Smith, a very well-known College of Human Services professor at the University of Kansas State,conducted a research study on the current issues regarding the social media and how to protect children’s privacy and prevent cyber bullying. In this, he has mentioned the concern of parents when it comes to sharing the personal information about their children on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.

Majority of Children Are Facebook Addicts These Days.

So, now it is a crucial challenge for the parents to apply the filter and teach their children which content is considered good and healthy and which content is bad and unhealthy. It is the prime duty of parents to help their children understand the difference between the use and misuse of the Internet.

Cyber Bullying Is the Foremost Factor

Due to it most of the parents are willing to invest their money in buying the parental monitoring software. All parents want to go through the wall posts and inbox messages of their children, to make sure that their children are not misusing the social media websites and protecting themselves from the evil of cyber bullying. Some security settings are definitely important but the quantity of the parental monitoring changes with the age of the child.

Parents Need to Be Very Careful While Using This Parental Monitoring Software

Because most of the children consider it as interfering and intruding in their personal lives and not giving them their due space. The best time to keep an eye on children is when they are at home and using the home-based internet facility.

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When It Comes to the Effective Use of Social Media Websites

Better communication between parents and children and setting the guidelines for internet usage are the key factors. These factors can help the parents to make their child fully aware about the quality of the content and allow them to share everything with parents including information about suspicious content.

It Is Not Wrong to Say That Younger Generation Is an Internet Generation

And all we have to do is to make them realize the responsibility and hazards of online posting and the importance of weighing the words before saying or reacting online. Parents have to keep the balance between the amount of restriction and the autonomy they are offering to their children. Apart from this, in order to ensure effective parental monitoring, there is a strong need to educate the parents about the Facebook usage and Internet usage in general.