Phone Surveillance: Mobile Spy Review

 Mobile Spy is a phone tracking and surveillance software package to help users keep informed about the activities performed on compatible mobile devices. This Mobile Spy review outlines the features and benefits of the software.

  When compared to other cell phone tracking software solutions, Mobile Spy does not include every feature and could be considered less comprehensive. However, it does include the most important surveillance features; for example, direct SMS recording plus sender/recipient information, GPS tracking, call logging, social media coverage, website history and phone media storage access. Most other mobile internet actions can be recorded, such as email applications, YouTube activity and internet message service recording.

  Overall, a user will receive the most important features, found in a lightweight package at a very competitive price. It is an advantage for first-time surveillance operatives who have less demanding requirements. In addition, Mobile Spy user will receive the well-established computer surveillance software, Sniper Spy, on payment of a subscription for one year. Although, various other advantages relating to calling are provided, such as dialed numbers and call durations; one feature not included is live call monitoring.

  The Mobile Spy review control panel is an attractive and well laid-out menu interface which permits overall user control from one facility. This includes a live phone screen for general real time tracking, and options to control or lock the phone remotely. The control panel is user friendly and could be considered a benefit for beginners.

  Mobile Spy is easy and convenient to set up. An account is registered online and the software is installed to the user phone through the web browser. Login is then made from the Mobile Spy platform, to which all monitoring information is directed. It is important to specify the internet connection for uploading data on the phone itself during set-up. Once set-up, all recorded data can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet browser.

  The conclusion of this Mobile Spy review: a reasonable application for basic users who want a simple interface, though not as feature-rich as other applications.


3 thoughts on “Phone Surveillance: Mobile Spy Review

  1. Some words about Mobile Spy.They are scammers now! Program become not stealth, nevermind I paid for invisible version, lost all old logs, no refunds. Blocked me in live chat after I’ve asked to cancel automatic license renewal… Don’t buy this program!

  2. MobileSpy: Don’t waste your money or time on this product. I’m trying to protect my teenager and I mistakenly put my trust in MobileSpy. The product appears to work well. The trouble comes with the company. 80% of the time when I try to log into the parent server to check up on the kid their server is down. On other occasions I was told that the server is being upgraded. The upgrade is even worse as that deletes all the data that they claim to have been collecting. After all this time I’m convinced that this is worthless software and a scam. When you call their support numbers on the phone their system tells you to go online and hangs up on you. Don‘t get a false sense of security by buying into this companies scam. Watch out too because they have 3 different products marketed under 3 different names and brands. It’s all the work of Retina X and I’m convinced a total and expensive SCAM.

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