PhoneSheriff Investigator – A different Type of Monitoring

phone sheriff app

With the rise in smartphone technology came software and applications that were never made use of before. These applications made it easier to perform certain tasks in a way that was straightforward and user-friendly. But smartphones also brought with them dangers or cyber-crime and cyber-bullying for children, so technology paved way for a solution as well.

Cell phone monitoring has become a popular means of keeping an eye on someone’s mobile activities. Parents use such apps to make sure their children stay out of danger and business owners use them so that their employees don’t resort to fraud or data theft without their knowledge. But spy apps have also led to an invasion of privacy for a lot of people because once installed on someone’s phone, they can’t know of its presence.

To tackle that problem, and to keep cell phone monitoring as ethical as possible, new software has been released by the name of PhoneSheriff Investigator. This, unlike the rest of the spy apps, is not a mobile application but rather computer software to monitor iPhone activity.

The Advantages

One of the best things about this software is that it doesn’t require the iPhone to be Jailbroken like many other apps do. The reason for that is that the software doesn’t install itself on the iPhone but rather on a computer. It does not hack into the phone and pull out information without the user’s consent. The core feature of this product is that it uses Apple’s iCloud service to provide you with the data so it remains ethical because the person being monitored knows that.

The Things you can Monitor

PhoneSheriff Investigator helps you monitor everything that a normal spy app would. From SMS and call logs, contacts and Safari bookmarks, to photos, videos and even GPS locations, everything can be accessed from this software. The downside comes with the fact that the person being monitored can easily change or delete certain things that they want to keep from you before the data is uploaded to iCloud.

How it Works

PhoneSheriff Investigator works with pulling data from iCloud which is an online data storage and backup solution for Apple devices. All you need to do is make an account from the iPhone to be monitored on iCloud and make sure that auto-backup is turned on. Then you need the ID and the password of the iCloud account and the software will update in sync with the cloud storage and you will be able to access that data from your computer.

The Downside

As mentioned earlier, users can edit the information they upload to the cloud so parents or employers cannot always be sure of the data being correct. It cannot match other fully capable monitoring apps that can be installed on the phone without the owner’s knowledge but it still does provide the basic information you might need.

There are a lot of spy apps available these days for multiple platforms. Many big names among those provide you with complete usage data of the user without giving away even the slightest hint of their presence in a phone. But if for some reason you are not comfortable with using those apps, or if you take someone’s privacy seriously, then PhoneSheriff Investigator is a definite alternative to those applications. Also, it is much easier to set up and use, and the iPhone to be monitored doesn’t have to undergo the process of Jailbreaking, as many apps demand.