Is PhoneSheriff the right option for your tracking requirement?

phonesheriff-reviewsIf you are a parent and are looking for tracking software to keep an eye on your children, then you can check out the application named PhoneSheriff for mobile tracking purpose. This software is available at a very decent rate of $49.97 per year, paying which you can enjoy the standard features of a tracking application. It is better to read the review carefully before you jump on to any decision.
Even business owners can make use of PhoneSheriff by purchasing the Business Package which is available at $199.95 which includes 5 licenses. The application is compatible on number of platforms like Symbian, Android, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android tablets and Windows Mobile 6.x. This is also one of the key features of this app. Let us now have more insights on this tracking app.


If we talk about the basic features of PhoneSheriff, they include:

  • Call history record
  • SMS tracking
  • Access to pictures and videos stored on the device
  • Blocking apps
  • Monitoring browser history
  • GPS tracking

By setting up their own keyword for alerts, this software offers a great flexibility to users. It also has an inbuilt filter using which, you can easily go through the vast entry of logs in seconds. Each and every activity will be monitored once you have installed this app on the targeted device. This tracker will give you varied information like the number to/from which the call was made, the duration of call and the date and time of call. With the help of your online account of PhoneSheriff, you can access all the captured data. Now we will look at the pros and cons of this tracking app.


The way this app represents the data being collected is very advantageous on the user side. The data can be saved in various formats including CVS, XLS or PDF which also makes the data scanning very smooth and fast. The recorded data are encrypted in order to protect it from the access of cybercriminals.
In case the phone is misplaced, you can trigger an alarm in order to reveal its position and if anyone tries to remove the SIM card, you will be notified with an auto generated alert. You also have the feature that allows you to erase all the data or lock the phone from a remote source.
With the help of PhoneSheriff, you can block any number and prevent it from contacting the targeted device. This blocking feature is available for apps or web pages as well. The company provides a comprehensive FAQ and number of user guides available on the website and in case of any problem you can contact the support live via phone, mail or live chat. You can install this app within minutes without any problem.


Although this app offers the GPS feature, which gives updates regarding the device’s location every fifteen minutes. This is not possible in case of Verizon Wireless mobiles. The GPS facility will be rendered useless if the targeted device has its GPS option disabled.
The text messages exchanges via instant messaging services such as Skype or WhatsApp cannot be tracked using this app. The customer support options provided by the company are many but regrettably it is not available 24X7.