PhoneSheriff Vs. WebWatcher Mobile

mobile monitoring application

Mobile apps that monitor its user’s usage patterns are becoming something of a norm in today’s world of hyper connectivity. They range from the extremely creepy apps to that of definite practical usage.

Possible usages of such tracking apps are diverse and it can range from parental control and lost phone tracking services to the monitoring of your employee phone activities. It can be disconcerting trying to work out the apps that are available as well as practical, not to mention legal. To help you with this, we have decided to compare two promising apps that will improve, without a doubt, your life.

How to Choose Right Monitoring App

The criteria for judging each app, over a score of 5 for each criterion, would be as follows; logging capabilities, security, cost of app and app accessibility. Logging capabilities would deal with the app’s capacity to monitor and track functions like calls, text messages and internet history. This would determine the viability of the app on delivering what you need.

The security feature of the app is of concern due to the sensitive nature of the tracking program. This criterion of security is determined by the presence of encrypted data generation for all communications, ability to monitor remotely and perform administrative functions remotely.  Cost of app is a criterion imposed to determine the cheaper price between the two apps. Lastly, app accessibility will show the ease of download for the app and its availability in known distribution channels, like “Google Play”.

PhoneSheriff App Overview

The first app reviewed is ‘PhoneSheriff’. This is a well rounded app that claims to be able to meet all, if not most, of your phone tracking needs. This app allows you to track the calls, text messages, internet websites visited, pictures and emails sent from the phone. Booked marked internet pages as well as calendar updates can be monitored. Deleting records and text messages will not affect the recording process. This would deliver a solid 5 for the app’s logging capabilities.

Security wise, Phone Sheriff contains GPS tracking allowing you to find the lost or stolen phone any time. Privacy settings allow the phone to be locked remotely in the event of a misplaced phone, helping give a 5 for the app’s security function. The cost of the app is high, at $89.97 at selected websites. This would account for a lower grade of 3.5 for the ‘cost of app’ criterion.  As for the accessibility, the app is hassle free but is currently unavailable on “Google Play”. However, this program is supports all available OS, from Android to iOS and Symbian. We would rate this area as a 3, resulting in a total of 16.5 over 20.

What about WebWatcher Mobile?

In comparison, the app ‘WebWatcher Mobile’ is a suitable rival for ‘PhoneSheriff’. In terms of logging capabilities, this app is able to deliver the exact same services with the exception of letting the remote master user to view contacts specific to the phone as well as calendar updates. A score of 4.5 over 5 is suggested. For the privacy setting available, the app fares badly as it is only able to allow GPS tracking of the phone’s location but not any changes of ‘sim’ cards.

This would mean that a stolen phone will be tougher to find, thus attaining a score of 3. This app is cheaper than the ‘PhoneSheriff’, at $67, but without the security functions in the app, it is not that much a better deal.  You can download this app over ‘Google Play’ making it easier to install and operate as compared to the ‘PhoneSheriff’. Only Android and Blackberry phones are able to run this app, dealing a score of 3 over 5. However, if you need or want a 24/7 phone call support, this app delivers and would be the app of choice.