Protecting Your Mobile Phone from Thieves by Spyware

mobile phone thieft

Our mobile phones are becoming more hi-tech with every passing day. As a result, they are also becoming much more expensive.

We think nothing of carrying around a cell phone worth a couple of hundred bucks and even less about the value of the information that is contained within them. It might include sensitive data like banking details or personal information which could result in identity theft.

Our phones are now a far more attractive target for thieves than ever before. It is becoming increasingly more important for us to protect ourselves against mobile phone theft. Check out our tips to protect your phone and your personal data.

Make Note of Your Mobile Details

There are a number of details which can be used to identify your phone if it is recovered by the police after being lost or stolen. It is important that you make note of this information and keep it in a safe place. The information that you will need to record includes:

  • your mobile phone number
  • your phone’s make and model, including the color and any notable appearance details (scratches, decals etc)
  • the pin or security lock code for your phone
  • your phone’s IMEI number etc

These details are often printed inside the back cover of your phone. On some models, the information can be brought up on screen under the settings menu. You may even wish to go one step further and add some security marks to your phone. This can be easily done using an ultraviolet pen which is visible under UV light.

You should mark both the handset and the battery with something to identify it as yours such as your address, name or even an alternate contact number. This means that not only can recovered stolen phones be identified, but if it is lost and handed into a police station, they may be able to get in touch with you.

Register Your Phone & Report the Theft

You should always register your cell phone with your network provider, especially if you are on a pay as you go plan. This means that if your phone is stolen, you can contact your provider and they can use your IMEI number to block your phone, thus, avoiding the chance of the thief running up a huge bill.

The phone can also be locked so that even if the SIM is changed it will not work until unlocked by the network. It is worth bearing in mind that this may render the phone unusable if it is recovered. In addition to disabling the account, some providers can also disable your phone number completely. The loss or theft should also be reported to the police.

Install a Mobile Phone Spy App

Mobile phone Spy appAlthough they are best known for monitoring calls and texts, mobile phone spy apps, like mSpy, Flexispy or MobileSpy, are also great as a way to protect your own phone thanks to some of their powerful features. GPS tracking means that you can actually pinpoint exactly where your phone is which could help the police to track it down!

Another useful feature that the top phone spy apps have is the ability to send a remote command via SMS to either wipe or lock the phone. Since your spy app will have been sending copies of all of your activities to your online account, you also have a great back up of your data if you do need to wipe the phone.