Smart Ways to Improve Company’s Performance

improving company perfomanceToday’s corporate market is very competitive and businesses have to come up with creative and innovative approaches to keep up ever changing global market. Technology and communication advancement have revolutionized the business world by offering efficiency and better accountability. In the past in any organization authority or decision making power used to be in a few hands and the centralized power system with closed door policy. On lower hierarchical level there was little or no power relegated to impact the system.

So the enterprises or businesses were very stagnant in terms of growth. Now entrepreneurs and organizations head believe that things should be done differently to acquire different results which led to implementation of innovative approaches in businesses.

Employee’s participation is vital:

Investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and organization heads are ensuring the participation of employees. When a diverse set of skills, experience and ideas are combined, there is a better outcome. Organizations are going decentralization with their system of power and authority so more and more people can be incorporated in the decision making process or that employees don’t have to follow a long chain of authority for approvals to get small things done. Back in the day there was such a gap in the operational workforce and high-ups in terms of communication but nowadays more and more organizations are adopting open door policy where employees can voice themselves and there are a few or no middle men involved. So top management should closely keep an eye on employee unions and committee so they know what’s the popular sentiment and concerns of employees. For the success of any business, the top management should ensure that the employees are on your side.

Getting hold of culprits

There are always people in the organization who are insincere to the company and might leak the secrets to the competitors. Also some people are dishonest and do not perform their duties properly. These people are usually involved in the leg pulling of employees who are sincere and instrumental to the company. Top management should strictly monitor their employees using Facebook tracking apps and phone monitoring software so they can catch the black sheep and kick them out of the organization as these people are harmful to the success of the company.

monitoring employees

Praise in public, criticize in private

Research tells us that positive and negative sanctions play a vital role in improving the performance of the employees. If an employee is under performing then he/she should be given professional counseling. The boss should critique the performance in private so the employee’s self esteem is not damaged. Always use sandwich method of criticism, first praise on the good past performance of the employee, then criticize and then suggest or recommend how he/she can improve. Also giving awards and increments to employees on good performance also boost their confidence and encourage them to perform even better in future. These increments of infringe benefits are vital to keep employees happy and fosters healthy competition among employees.

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So, organization should review their policy regarding employees and organization’s culture to improve the performance of the employees.