Spector Soft (eBlaster) Review

This is a good solution to address your need to monitor your family and employees. The company started as a provider of a leading worldwide solution for monitoring computers . According to its website, it received the 2010 Product Innovation Award from Network Products Guide. Its desktop surveillance solutions are still their key products – when it comes to their mobile monitoring application, they are not keen on updates and improvements. Let us take a look if it lives up to its customers’ expectations by looking at its basic features, pros and cons, and other significant factors.


  • Text messages tracking
  • Browsing history
  • Blocking Inappropriate content
  • GPS location tracking
  • Voice call logging
  • Geofencing
  • Access to Phone Gallery


To help customers decide whether to avail of their products or not, here is a quick look at it and a brief discussion of its pros and cons:
Advantages of eBlaster:

- Availability of a toll-free customer support in a 24/7 period.

- Content blocking features.

- Ease of installation.

Disadvantages of eBlaster:

- eBlaster supports Android devices only.

- Customer support does not always provide an effective solution.

- Recording web history under the Google Chrome browser is impossible.

- You have only 72 hours after the purchase to request a refund, otherwise your request won’t be fulfilled.


eBlaster Mobile is a viable solution for parents who want to make sure their kids are protected from online dangers. The feature set includes basic tracking features plus geofencing and content filtering tools that might come in quite handy in many situations. This cell phone tracker would be ideal for monitoring kids without violating their privacy.


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  1. You always may contact with custom support of Spector Soft (eBlaster). But I would suggest you to try mSpy . This software has much better custom support and have much more features.

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