SpyBubble Application Overview


Spy-Bubble2SpyBubble is an online company and doesn’t have a native presence in the western market. It operates only online and exists from the year 2009.

Key Features

• GPS tracking
• SMS details
• Email tracking
• Web history tracks
• Phone Book and Calendar access
• Multimedia tracking
• Blocking features
• Virtual internet travelling
• Internet connectivity records

Customer Support

SpyBubble offers appropriate customer support. You can contact them through email, ticket issuing, live chat, phone chat, FAQs, demo pages and much more. Support representatives are technical and make use of trained way outs to professionally help the customers. Support is for 24/7 and seven days a week and, hence, you can contact them anytime at your own convenience. They serve the clients all over the world and hence, customer support is valid for anytime.


The price for standard version is $49.95 for basic features and the pro version costs $84.90 with all the revolutionary features. The subscription is valid for 12 months and there is no short term plans available (monthly, quarterly or half yearly). This is indeed a drawback for the options available for this website.

Use of Spying Software

Spy software is really useful for different options required for spying. It can help in cell phone tracking of the staff and the employers can use it for their employees to get the track of their activities in detail. Some employees are given mobile phone by the company and in such cases; these spying software are installed for tracking all the activities of the target user. The company can enforce these applications only with the permission of the target user. Staff can leak out the information to opponents and in such cases, these software apps are highly useful to know about dishonest employees.
Parents find it difficult to control their children and especially teenagers. It is the need of today to keep an eye on your children and know about their activities. Cell phone spying apps can help you to monitor the messages sent/received by your children and their specific activities on internet. You can even filter their calls to save them from bad activities or company. If you are suspicious about your spouse, then it is really easy to find out their activities by using these apps and SpyBubble can be used for any of these purposes.
It works on all platforms, such as iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry and Android devices. iDevices need to be jailbroken for installing spying software. Otherwise, it is not possible to spy on the target device. Not only with SpyBubble, but jailbreaking of iDevices is mandatory for installing any spy software in it. It even works when the GPS is turned off on the mobile device. Above all, SpyBubble gives you all required to know about target user’s mobile usage in the most appropriate way.