Spyera Application Review

Spyera applicationThere are many mobile phone monitoring apps that claim to deliver the features needed by users to be indispensable in the arsenal of mobile apps. One such app is Spyera. This is an app that is relatively on the sidelines and has not gained the public’s attention unlike more popular apps, apps such as mSpy. Yet what does Spyera provide that other mobile monitoring apps do not? Are the features vastly different? This short review attempts to at least skim over such topics, determining if there are any areas that Spyera does differently. The features that the review is looking out for in particular are the functions available in the app and whether the cost for owning such an app is justified. With most mobile monitoring apps coming in buck-a-day plans, the cost of having such an app can run high if users do not get the features and app support that they need.

Spyera functionality

The outstanding thing about Spyera is that it has a significant amount of features. Features such as live call listening, ambient noise recording, password grabber and even an “Alert Wizard” are some of the interesting functions available in the app. Monitoring apps with live call listening are rare to say the least and those that do, very few are able to deliver good quality call tapping service. The bench mark for this feature would be mSpy’s call monitoring system, a system that has proven itself reliable and crystal clear in quality. Spyera does meet expectations as compared to the better known app as well as others in the market.  Other interesting features like ambient noise recording are starting to gain popularity and, no doubt, Spyera does attempt to follow suit. The issue with ambient noise recording is not the programming of recording itself but the quality of recording available. Most apps do not allow for the filtering of noise from the recording to obtain actual usable recordings. Spyera, unfortunately, doesn’t allow you to filter unwanted noise from the target phone’s recordings. The most unique function available is the “Alert Wizard”. This feature allows for the user to program the app to determine if the current phone operations are reaching or over shot certain criterias. This is an incredibly powerful function as the app can serve to provide a check to the target phone’s internet usage, preventing owners from receiving a rude shock when receiving the monthly bill. Other features not found in more basic monitoring apps are device change notifications and remote uninstall. These features mentioned do set this app apart from most competition.

Spyera weak points

Spyera does deliver in all these areas sufficiently well for a more obscure app but it does not have the 24 hour service to ensure that the app is working swimmingly. With a price tag of $389 per year, it does seem like a good buy. But without 24 hour support, spending such a large amount of money on this app doesn’t seem like a good plan. Additionally, the app doesn’t allow you to do a trial run, making such an investment an even bleaker prospect.