StealthGenie: One of the Preferred Mobile Spying Companies


Important update (Oct.27, 2014): StealthGenie is no longer on sale

With the advancement in the field of technology, you can now locate your loved ones or keep an eye on your kids or even your employees with the help of mobile tracking software. You can term it spying, sneaking or anything; but such software apps can be very useful for emergencies and truth detection. There are numerous spying software products available in the market and each one has its own special features to offer. You need to do a bit of research about various apps in order to pick the one that meets all your requirements.

One such phone tracking software available is StealthGenie, which is very popular among users. With the help of this software, you can easily monitor the activities on someone else’s phone after installing it on the targeted device. You can use this application to know what your kids are up to. There are number of ethical uses of this software and it is advisable not to use this for illegal purposes. We will now look at the features of StealthGenie application in more detail.


You will find that the price of this software is less in comparison to other such applications. You should also note that StealthGenie does not offer all the functions; rather you can have the benefit of using the basic ones on this application. If you are looking for full option package that will include various features like call log history, access to memory and many more, then you should check other mobile application.


This Company does not provide the best customer support; but gives an average level support. The customer gets an access to the FAQ, brief how-to and a limited chat option which has automatic answers. If there is some serious issue concerning the software, then you have to get the solution on you own. The performance of StealthGenie is limited to few platforms – Blackberry, iPhone and Android, missing many other platforms.


The requirement of a tracking code before installation makes the installing process a bit complicated. You need to access the targeted phone more than twice which makes the process lengthy and time consuming. There can be certain problems if you are looking to use this app anonymously. While checking the app, we found it to be smooth for the use of parents and monitoring employees. It has many limited features which is the reason for it being so cheap.

Positive StealthGenie Features

If we sum up the positive aspects of this software, they include:

  • Quick registration
  • Low price
  • Easy access from remote PC
  • Basic tracking functions

Negative StealthGenie Features:

The negative features of this software make its popularity vulnerable:

  • Tracking options are limited
  • Customer support not up to the mark
  • Mobile platform compatibility rate is very low
  • Installation process is a bit complicated

Key Features:

If you look at the overall performance of the app, then you will find these features noteworthy:

Tracking phone calls
SMS monitoring
Access from PC
Record of browser history
GPS location
Compatible with Android, Blackberry, iPhone