StealthGenie Review

Stealthgenie1Important update (Oct.27, 2014): StealthGenie is no longer on sale

A good mobile monitoring app is really hard to come by. Consumers desiring a good app are in the constant dilemma, trying to sort through the humongous pile of available apps. The real keys to great apps are the features, the applicability to operating systems and the cost. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that more features and low cost is good and the opposite is a “No No”. To assist you in determining whether a mobile monitoring app is good or not let us review StealthGenie using the above 3 keys.

Stealth Genie Key Features

When it comes to mobile monitoring apps, the key features that must be in the app are the phone call logging system and the text messaging monitoring system. Stealth Genie contains these above 2 features and more. The list of available features for call logging contains call recording, call history viewing and live call intercept. The live call intercept is one feature that is really rare among mobile monitoring apps. Using a text message or through the website, the user can switch on the target phone’s call intercept function to listen in to what the target is talking about. The test app on the website does work; however, the question whether it really works on an actual phone is a risk that one would have to take. SMS monitoring is available with the option to redirect all SMSs to you for you to delete it or even send it out to which ever number you desire.

Advanced Available Functions

Other features available is the GPS tracking system which is gaining popularity in the monitoring apps circles, Email reading capabilities, instant messaging monitoring features, multimedia file monitoring, internet usage monitoring and contacts and calendar monitoring features. Two areas of interest are the GPS tracking and the instant messaging monitoring features. The GPS tracking features in this app allows for the user to be able to track the place history the target has been and determine if the target has entered places that are out of bounds. This is a very powerful feature of concerned parents and suspicious employers, determining the target phone’s location is a sure fire way to find out if your child is mixing with the wrong company or your employee is moonlighting or selling sensitive information. The instant messaging monitoring function is a great function that is not readily available in most apps. It is a feature more common with premium apps that can cost up to or even over $1000 a year to operate. This feature allows you to monitor messaging apps like WhatsApp and BBM, giving you the information you need to take the next course of action.


This app is applicable for iOS, Android and Blackberry phones, and opens up a large portion of the market available for this app. However, one needs to note that with all these great functions, the question remains whether the app takes up considerable operating resources. For the moment, this app, when installed on a new phone, doesn’t take up much processing speed and would not be easily detected by the unsuspecting target. This covers the second key required for a good app, operating system compatibility. The last key deals with cost and the app costs at $200 for 12 months. This app is definitely a steal!