StealthGenie VS Mobile Spy

StealthGenie overview

StealthGenie appStealthGenie is a mobile phone spying and monitoring tool that is used by people to track important info, contact list, emails, messages and telephone conversation of the target phone. Its GPS tracking capability enables an individual to track the location of the person using the target device with the help of GPS technology.

Mobile Spy overview

Mobile Spy
Mobile Spy is a reliable spying, tracking and monitoring tool for monitoring your child’s or employee’s all mobile phone activities. This useful spying, monitoring and tracking mobile phone tool enables its users to monitor, spy and track all the activities of target device including:

cell phone calls;

text messages;

instant messages;


all photos and all videos captured;

contact lists,calendar activities;

browsing history and internet activities;

social media sites activities and chat history.


Price of StealthGenie is more or less equal to Mobile Spy but Mobile spy is having better features, image and quality than StealthGenie.

Customer Support

StealthGenie offers limited customer support to its users while Mobile Spy provides customer support through Skype, live chat and toll-free phone number.


Installation of StealthGenie on targeted cell phone involves some steps which could be confusing for those people that are not familiar with the phone they going to install the tool on, the process consumes approximately 30 minutes. While, Mobile Spy could be installed on phone and targeted device by just following only 3 steps and is a so user friendly tool. This app never leaves any kind of doubt or confusion on the mind of the users.


StealthGenie could only be run on phones such as Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry. On the other hand, Mobile Spy could be run on a many devices including Windows Mobile, iOS device, Symbian, Blackberry phones, iPhones, Android phones and every kind of smartphone. As Mobile Spy is compatible to a lot of devices, it has become widely popular across the world.


Features of include StealthGenie listening to live conversation of target cell phone or device, tracking the GPS location of target mobile phone, viewing the SMS conversations, viewing text messages, tracking the email content, tracking the browsing history, remote viewing of applications, memos, photos, videos and contacts that are found in the target device while Mobile Spy’s features include GPS tracking, viewing data which has been deleted from targeted mobile phone device.

Mobile spy is another wonderful and useful cell phone tracking and monitoring application for all the smartphone users. System of GPS tracking of this application enables us to track the exact location of the target device. With the help of this tool, you may easily see the data or info which has been removed from the target device. It is very useful in catching any sort of cheater whether he/she is your spouse, child, gf/bf or employee. The app is helping many people across the world with unique spying, tracking and monitoring features.


Now it’s up to you, whether you go for StealthGenie or Mobile Spy as every feature and characteristic of both mobile phone spying and tracking app is clear to you now. The method of choosing the most reliable and best mobile phone tracking and spying app is to first compare all the features of all spying mobile apps available in the market and choose the one that offers the best and maximum number of spying, monitoring and tracking features.