Students Benefit Of Using Mobile Monitoring

students using mobile monitoringCell phone have become a near necessity in our lives. It is hugely popular among high school students, who can be seen carrying their smartphone devices to class to keep in touch with friends and family. Most schools however, do not allow the use of cell phones by students on school premises.

The main reason behind the discouragement of cell phone usage at school is that many teachers believe that cell phones can be a huge distraction to learning, lead to sexting, and increase the temptation to cheat on exams. Teachers should realize the fact that all technology has both pros and cons and one should weigh both of them before banning it completely.

Nowadays, students are not just using the cell phones for texting, making calls or updating their Facebook statuses. They also use them for making useful connections, collaborating, sharing information and researching. These handheld devices have a lot to offer students for they can easily replace reference books, cameras, student planners, calculators, and more.

How to Keep Your Cell Phone Secure in School?

According to research, more than 50% of middle school students own a smartphone device. This raises concerns about the safety and security of the devices themselves. However, students are no longer required to worry about the safety of their smartphone devices because of the creation of mobile monitoring software such as mSpy, which can help ensure the greatest protection over their devices.

Monitor Cell Phone Activities

In case you have lost your smartphone device or someone has stolen it at your child’s school, you should immediately log in to your online Control Panel to monitor the GPS location of the phone and perhaps perform device wipeout or device lockout as added security measures.

Track GPS Location

The GPS feature of mSpy can pinpoint the exact location of your lost device in case it was stolen.

Remotely Lock Your Device

You can lock your lost device through the online Control Panel in order to prevent others from accessing important data stored on the phone like reference text books, picture galleries and other study material etc.

Remote Wipeout Of Phone Data

With mSpy, you can send a command via the online Control Panel to remove all the data stored on your lost device. This can help you prevent others from viewing your confidential data.

Cell phone monitoring apps can help students keeping their smartphone devices well protected against various security threats. These cell phone monitoring apps are not only useful for students but for parents as well because these apps allow them to keep a check on the activities of their kids in school.