Monitor Your Kids’ and Employees’ Activities with Ease

e53727871e26dc70c77708cd60489372Cell phone spying software is becoming big business, as more and more people start to see the benefits of installing it onto their cell phones, as well as the cell phones of their children, partners or employees.

Whether you are a parent concerned about what their child is using their cell phone for, or someone who is worried that their partner or spouse is having an affair, to a business owner who wants to keep track of their employees out of the office activities, cell phone spying apps have many uses.

 Cell phone spying apps
Cell phone spying apps have caught the public’s imagination in a way that has surprised many people in the security industry. Whereas before, this sort of technology was the preserve of government security forces, such as the CIA or NSA, now the public can use the same technology in order to protect, not only their own cell phone, but also the phones belonging to their families also.


Of course, cell phone spyware apps have a lot more to them than just being able to track your cell phone, should it become lost or stolen, one of the main uses for the technology, is for people to spy on the content of the cell phones of their loved ones. Parents who have concerns about what their children are up to online, cell phone spy apps, such as the one offered by mSpy, are an invaluable resource.

Reasons why people use spy apps
Cell phone spy apps are a way in which parents can track the movements of their children, as the software records GPS location data, and stores it in the online account of subscriber, allowing them instant access to the whereabouts of their child’s phone.

Another reason why, parents would want to install cell phone spyware is to make sure that their child is not communicating with people they shouldn’t. Children love communicating with their friends, be through text messaging or by using one of their favourite social networks, however, there is an ever present danger that they maybe communicating with someone who is pretending to be a child in order to meet up with them. By installing the cell phone spying software on to their cell phone, you will have instant access to all of the messages either sent or received on the phone across several platforms, including, SMS, email, instant messaging sites and social networking sites.

Not only will you be able to view messages sent and received, you will also have access to web history and apps downloaded, so if your partner has been window shopping for a new partner on an internet dating or sex contacts site, then you will know about it. However, if they deny any such action taking place, and you still have your doubts, then installing a cell phone spy app will provide you with all the answers.

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Zones of Risk at a Workplace

imagefeeMajor problems of modern business

One of the major problems that modern day business owners face is the leaking or theft of confidential company information. Data theft is costing companies around the globe, millions in lost revenue, as well as that it is quite possible for a company who have invented a new product, to have that products details stolen from them by another company.

With strong firewalls in place, it is getting more and more difficult for hackers to infiltrate a company’s computer network, and so they have to find ever more ingenious ways in which to get hold of the information.

Industrial espionage is becoming a big problem, especially within big businesses, and there are two ways in which one company can infiltrate another. The first way, is to get one of their employees into the target company by getting them to apply for a job there, the other way is to make contact with an employee who already works at the firm, and pay them to pass on sensitive information.

Possible ways out
One of the ways in which business owners can prevent the passing on of sensitive information, is to install cell phone spying software onto the phones of their employees. Now we do not mean the employees own personal phone, we mean any phones that the company provide for their employees to use for work purposes only.

By installing cell phone spying software onto the cell phones that they provide to their employees, they can set up the software to notify them of any potential breaches in the security of their data. Alerts can be set up to notify a business manager of certain keywords being mentioned in SMS and email messages for example, as well as allowing access to all communications that the phone has either received or originated.

Ethically, there are concerns that these kinds of cell phone spying apps are an invasion of worker privacy, and they have a valid point. However, business owners often suggest that if the worker does not have anything to hide, then they have nothing to worry about. Cold comfort to those people who feel that they are being monitored 24/7 perhaps, however, in the business world, data breaches can be costly, and workers can suffer as a result of a company losing out on a big order, or by having one of their new product lines usurped by a rival. So maybe it is in everyone’s best interest to go along with the monitoring of company cell phones.

Legally, it is probably a good idea to inform employees, that the cell phones provided by the company have cell phone spy software installed. They may not like the idea, but it is better that they are forewarned rather than finding out some other way, and making a legal fuss over it.

In a world where data is becoming more valuable than ever before, it makes sense to have a warning system in place to alert you to the possibilities of data theft, and cell phone spying apps are an inexpensive way of doing that.

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mSpy vs SpyBubble


With the popularity of smart devices, there has been an ever increasing need for parents and employers to monitor their offspring and employees respectively. For parents, the main concern is that their children may well be communicating with people they shouldn’t, and for employers, there is the real risk that their more unscrupulous employees maybe passing on vital business information to their competitors.

SpyBubble-e1356221437547With that in mind, it was not long before cell phone spying apps started to appear on the market, and now you will find that there are numerous software packages out there, but which is the one that you should spend your hard earned money on? In this article we take a closer look at two of the market leaders in cell phone spy software. Both mSpy and Spybubble have been around for some time and we will compare the pros and cons of each system before deciding on which one offers the best value.


Most cell phone spying apps come with access to the most basic features that you could expect from such a surveillance program. However, when you come to the point where you have to choose which app is right for you, you need to be sure about what you need the program to do and whether you need all of the features that are included. Once downloaded onto a compatible device, both the mSpy and the Spybubble apps will give you access to such features as, calls and text message tracking, access to the phonebook, emails, and websites visited. In addition to these features, both systems will give you access to photos and videos that are either taken or downloaded to the phone, and this is a feature that a lot of people see as vital. When it comes to GPS tracking, again, both systems will allow you to monitor and track the whereabouts of the phone in real time, as well as providing you with detailed maps of the locations visited.


The cost of these apps varies wildly and that is a signal that one is more comprehensive than the other. Spybubble retails at $49.95, which for a 12 month subscription is very good value for money. The yearly cost for a subscription to mSpy comes in at a wallet busting $159, however, they offer monthly packages that start at $49.99. The reason why mSpy is more expensive than Spybubble, is that it offers a more comprehensive service, and there are many more features crammed into the mSpy software than the one offered by Spybubble.


Both mSpy and Spybubble are compatible with a whole host of handsets from all of the major smart phone manufacturers, as well as being suited to all of the major operating systems, including Android, Symbian, iPhone, Windows phone and BlackBerry.

Customer Support

Customer care and support is where mSpy sprints ahead of its rivals, as they are one of the few spy software companies that offer comprehensive support options. Unfortunately, Spybubble only offers the most basic of customer support, with standard FAQ’s and Email facilities. Compare this to the level of support offered by mSpy which includes, online chat, and a 24/7 phone support line.


If you are looking for a no thrills cell phone spying app, one that gives you the basics at a competitive price, then the one offered by Spybubble is good value for money. However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive cell phone spying app, one that is crammed full of features such as the ability to block apps and websites, and you have a bit more money to spend, then you could do worse than opting for the offering from mSpy.

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Cell Phone Spying Apps

A spy phone is a cell phone or a device that permits a person to keep an eye on and listen to dialogue and additional uses that are happening on the cell phone. Spy phones are capable of functioning in various ways. They have the capability of being utilized as a listening device that allows conversations to be monitored and even recorded. Their popular usage is typically with government agencies, who wish to monitor the nefarious activities of various enemies of the state. However, they are now becoming more and more popular with ordinary citizens who wish to monitor the activities of their loved ones or by business owners who wish to know what their workforce is up to.

In the past, the only way in which someone could monitor telephone conversations, was to setup a phone tap, however, thanks to the advancements in modern technology, it is now a lot easier to eavesdrop into a private conversation.

Thanks to apps that can be downloaded onto a phone, it is now a lot simpler to monitor and even record cell phone conversations. You can download mspy here to see how it works. In fact some software has the ability to alert the person doing the spying, when the user dials a specific number. Other software apps have the ability to record SMS messages and internet activity as well as utilizing the GPS network in order to track the whereabouts of the phone.

TOP reasons to use cell phone spy app:

Thanks to the advancement in modern day spying methods, it is now possible for phones to be used in order to intercept calls and SMS messages or be tracked by their GPS signal; this means that almost any smart phone can be utilized as a spy phone. It is now becoming a lot easier to monitor incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages, as well as internet usage and websites visited on almost any smart phone. Once the preserve of government covert departments, spy phones are now being used by businesses in order to keep a track on the activities of any cell phones that they provide to their workforce. This has the benefit of stopping the potential leaking of confidential information to rival companies, as well as cutting down on the workforce using their company cell phones for personal usage.

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However, it is not just business owners who are utilizing this technology. More and more parents are becoming concerned with the amount of usage of mobile phones that their children own and it is with cell phone spy programs, that they can monitor just what they are up to when using their phone.

There is a downside to this technology, and that is it can be used for nefarious reasons and can be used by criminals in order to capture information and data from other people’s mobile phones. This kind of unwarranted intrusion can end up costing people money as well as their privacy if they are not careful. This is something that needs to be addressed before the public become less wary of cell phone spying technology.

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