Text bullying


In past, although, there is not fast communication tools available to communicate with closed ones but without this parents do not have to face lot of difficulties in nurturing their children. In that days purchasing of some pens and pencils for children is considered enough, now the children of today’s want smartphone from their parents. Needs changes with times but parents concern remained constant during all this time.  

Phone bullying statistics

Many kids get smartphones from their parents when they are in middle school and that’s the time when bullying starts, including bullying via text, which is most common. According to study 9 out of 10 teens have a cell phone, and about 1 out of 5 will become victim of a text bully. Now a day with the increase usage of cell phones bullying has become more common and dangerous than traditional bullying, especially among young girls.

What Is Mobile Bullying

Text bullying is a new concept and much like cyber bullying. Due to advancement in technology teens are able to bullying others in more and creative ways. Now bullies are no longer limited to physical or verbal bullying in fact it’s changing its shape with the time.  Text bullying has become a serious problem not only among teens but also a serious problem for concern parents. This type of bullying has devastating consequences and parents may not even know it’s occurring to their child.

In mobile phone world sending mean, untrue, hurtful message and embarrassing messages to or about someone by using cell phone text messaging. Sexting or sending sexually suggestive text messages to someone or about someone is also included in this concept.  In sending text messages as bullies can’t see their victims so they become meaner in disturbing their target person. Text bullying becomes a cause of many problems following are few of them:

•    Depression
•    Anxiety
•    Social withdrawal
•    Violence

Resolve Your Children Problems with Phone Spy App

As children don’t know the sender so they get tense with the situation especially girls. Many children harm themselves because they couldn’t handle the intensity of depression that they received through text bullying. Children use a number of ways to get rid from the problem and do not tell their problem to their parents. When the parents know the problem even they cannot find a better way to resolve this issue. But thanks to advancement of technology with the amazing feature of sms spy app now parents can resolve their children problem and can protect them from text bullying. When you install phone spy software on your child smart phone it will give you a sense of relief because this not only keep a record of phone but also give you instant access to all information regarding the kind of messages that your son or daughter receiving from unknown number. You can also find out if your own son involved in text bullying – however it’s critical for the spy app to work discreetly for this case.

This app also covers all those text messages and messages sent via social networking sites and instant messaging sites. You can block any number with the help of this spy software. You can protect your child if they don’t tell their problems due to certain reasons.