The Dilemma of Choosing the Perfect Smartphone

shopping-for-a-mobile-phoneIf like so many other people you have made the decision to buy a new smartphone then you may be finding the sheer volume of choice a little bit overwhelming. Just like most other large ticket purchases you will want to make sure that you choose wisely. This can be difficult even for the most knowledgeable of consumers. All sorts of questions will be running through your mind as you try to decide if Android is better than iPhone or if you are more of a BlackBerry person or perhaps even a Windows Phone. It certainly is something of a dilemma!

How to Choose the Right Smartphone

Once upon a time, picking a new phone was easy, we just chose a carrier and picked the phone that suited your budget. However, now it is all about finding the best mobile phone, the one which is perfect for our needs and the one which has staying power and will not be outdated in a matter of weeks leaving us longing for the latest model! The thing to remember is that while smart phones have come a long way, they are not yet perfect and they probably never will be. As technology evolves so too do our smartphones. So how do you choose the ‘perfect’ smartphone to meet your own needs?

Important Factors to Consider

When you are choosing your new smartphone, you need to take into consideration your personal circumstances and needs. The one that is perfect for you will not be the same one that is perfect for your friend! One of the main considerations will always be where you live; as you will need your carrier to provide a strong signal in that area. Some areas do not receive a great signal which can affect the performance level of your smartphone. If you are restricted to certain carriers then you will perhaps be restricted in terms of smartphone models since some are offered as carrier exclusives. You will soon become frustrated with your phone if it does not work properly due to a weak signal so this is an important factor.

Operational System Doesn’t Really Matter Anymore

When it comes to features, the differences between iPhone and Android are becoming less of an issue with most apps available on all operating systems. In the end it comes down to a personal preference in terms of available apps and features. There are only a few negligible differences between Android and iPhone, mostly as a result of OS exclusive features. However, when it comes to Windows Phone and BlackBerry systems, users tend to find that these OS are much further behind in terms of apps, but they do have some very attractive features that can be very useful. Therefore it really depends which type of apps you need versus the features the phone has. The majority of businesses will opt for Android or iPhone since they are most compatible with phone monitoring software packages. However, the more advanced mobile monitoring apps such as mSpy are also compatible with Windows Phone and Blackberry.