The Ins & Outs OF Employee Monitoring

Employee MonitoringIf your company is providing cell phones to your employee’s, then you are perfectly entitled to monitor their phone usage in order to prevent misuse occurring. Things such as, poor performance, data protection and using the phone for personal use, are just some of the things that you can prevent when you monitor your employee’s cell phone use at work.

Installing a Cell Phone Monitoring App onto Company’s Phones

In simple terms, as a business owner, you are perfectly entitled to be aware of where your staff are, what they are doing and whether their actions are likely to have a detrimental effect on your company. That is why you need to give serious consideration to installing a cell phone monitoring app onto the phones that you provide for your employees.

The security of confidential information is paramount to the continued success of any business, and you need to know if any of your staff are passing on sensitive information to rival companies, either unintentionally or on purpose.

Thanks to the technology installed on to the latest smart phones, it is easier than ever before, for an employee to send emails, SMS messages, photos and videos than ever before. If sensitive and confidential information is passed onto rival companies, then this can have a significant effect on the future growth of your company, whilst at the same time boosting rival companies. Installing a cell phone spy app, will give you a “heads up” with regards to the passing on of confidential and sensitive information by any of your employees, allowing you to manifest an appropriate response.

GPS Tracking for Business

Another great feature of cell phone spying apps is their ability to allow you to track your employee’s movements via the phones GPS signal. This is particularly useful for allowing you to keep an eye on employee when they are out of the office, such as making sure that your salesmen or women, are visiting clients or if they are actually using their work time for personal use.

Employee’s who use company time for personal use, such as shopping trips or visits to the doctor, are costing businesses thousands of dollars each year in lost revenue. With the cell phone spy app installed onto their phones, employees are less likely to take liberties with their time away from the office environment. Another advantage afforded by GPS tracking, is that you can monitor any employees who may have called in sick. Sick days are another drain on a companies profit and they can also affect the overall morale of the other workers. With the GPS tracker, you can make sure that they are actually where they say they are, and not using sickness as an excuse for an extra vacation.

Adjusting Your Company Owned Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone spy apps will also allow you to monitor company cell phones for inappropriate usage. Such as the illegal downloading of files and images that could embarrass the company and tarnish its image, and those employees who constantly use social network sites tend to have lower productivity than those who do not.
So as you can see, there are many advantages to installing cell phone spy apps on to the phones that your company provides its staff, because, at the end of the day it is your company’s money.