Track Text Messages on iPhone without Jailbreak

track without jailbreak

Parents increasingly need to monitor their children’s internet usage. Especially on their mobile phone, it is exceedingly difficult to tell if a child has been accessing dangerous websites or are starting conversations with strangers who have given them their Skype ID. It is the parent’s prerogative to ensure the safety of the child and with today’s hyper connected world, it is getting extremely difficult. Smart phones are one of the most proliferate and uncontrolled sources of internet usage around. Yet rest assured that apps like MSpy, can be installed into your child’s phone to prevent them from running amok online.

What Phones Does Monitoring Apps Work On?

All types of phones, running any commercially available operating system will be able to run monitoring apps. However, this is where we have to be careful. Many apps out in the market either work for only android systems, jailbroken or non-jailbroken iPhones. The most highly visible apps in the market would usually work for all operating systems but Apple’s iOS. Most apps would need the iPhone to be jailbroken. This is unlike MSpy and other apps like it. You get to install the app without jailbreaking the phone.

What Features Are Available?

Tracking your child has never been easier with today’s versions of monitoring apps. The apps currently available would have many functions available. These include basic functions like text message tracking, internet history monitoring and email monitoring. Advanced functions available with premium apps like MSpy would also include GPS Tracking and geo-fencing. Functions that are great for concerned parents tackling rebellious kids.

How to Get the App?

To get the app, one only needs to go into the MSpy website and purchase the monthly monitoring plan for $39.95. Just download the purchased plane, install it into your target phone and you are set to start monitoring your child.