Tracking Software: StealthGenie Review

stealthgenie spy softwareUpdate (Oct.27, 2014): StealthGenie is no longer on sale

StealthGenie is one of mobile tracking applications currently available on the market. Phone tracking software is a type of application that you can install on someone else’s smartphone or tablet for monitoring reasons. These can include the desire to find out what your employees are up to or to monitor your child’s phone for safety reasons. Phone tracking apps can be useful for a variety of ethical reasons and are one of the top selling phone applications on the market today. Let’s take a look on the features of StealthGenie mobile spy software more closely.

Advantages of StealthGenie

– Low price
– A lot of parental control features
– Compatibility with 3 major platforms
– Tracking 8 instant messengers

Disadvantages of StealthGenie

– No blocking features
– Limited customer support
– All charges are non-refundable

Key Features

  • SMS monitoring
  • Phone calls tracking
  • Browser history spying
  • GPS location reporting
  • Instant messengers tracking
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • Access to Phone Book and Calendar
  • Remote data wipeout and remote device locking


The price of StealthGenie is relatively low compared to  the prices of some other mobile tracking applications of this kind.  It comes in three packages (Basic, Gold, and Platinum), with the last being the most powerful. The price ranges from $49.99 to $109.99 per 3 months.

Customer Support

The customer can use a brief how-to, FAQ page, and 24/7 live chat. No phone support is available. If a real software issue arises, it might be challenging to get it fixed immediately as contacting their support representatives via live chat is difficult.

Installing Process

Installing process of thre Stealthgenie spyware is standard. You need physical access to the device you want to track. Before installing spyware, you need to set up a tracking code to the phone.
Overall, this piece of software performs all basic mobile spy functions for parental control and employee monitoring, but it does not support all the possible features of mobile spy software presented on the market today. It is rather cheap, yet the price is relevant to the quality of this cell phone spy software.

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    You say that the installation is complicated, how so compared to other monitoring software? Would love to know, thanks


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