Tracking Your Own Cell Phone With Mobile Spy

Mobile Phones, especially the latest and the most popular models are eagerly sought after. Most among us cannot spend a few hours without our little handheld device. Mobile phones are expensive, very useful and highly compact devices.

They have rather become a sort of basic necessity these days when mediums of communication have shrunk the world within our hand’s hold. Besides the simple communicative functions, cell phones also feature a number of applications and functions depending on their provisions and model. They are used to surf the net, interact with family and friends and store even our personal and most confidential information. Losing their cell phone is rather a costly and unmanageable event for many with several complicated and insoluble implications. Installing mobile tracking software in your own device is a easy and proven way to find out the location of your cell phone. This helps you not only to track your mobile, but also deactivate it from a remote location.

 The Process Made Easy

Installing the mobile phone tracking software in your own smartphone like mSpy for instance lets you precisely track the movements of your cell phone and find out its location on the map. In addition, you can also retrieve any important data stored in it in the event of it being lost or stolen.

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There are some essential requirements to install the mobile tracker program onto your phone. The target device should be necessarily a smartphone featuring internet access and GPS service. The tracking software enables the owner discover the precise location of the handset on the Google Maps anytime. This facility will prove immensely useful at times when it is lost or stolen.

Where to Download Mobile Tracking Software

To begin with, you need to first purchase mobile tracking software and register your own mobile tracking account with the help of the registration code given to you at the time of purchase. Then you can just install the application in your mobile phone and launch it. Once the program is installed in your hand set, you can securely login to your online account and keep track of your cell phone. The program also enables you gain access to the logs of all the communication information available in the target cell phone including the phone book, phone calls with duration, emails, sms messages, Viber spying tools and many others.

After its installation, tracking the location of the cell phone is very easy. Using your log-in panel, you can send a request to forward the GPS tracking co-ordinates of the cell phone. The device will automatically respond to the request and instantly work in the background to silently inform you the present location of your cell phone.

Besides providing the real time information of the GPS location of your cell phone, the program will also enable the user control it remotely from a live control panel. However, this is an add-on option depending on the need of the subscriber. You can send commands to the device by a silent sms message to receive the exact GPS location real time in addition to SIM information, lock and unlock features. You can also wipe the phone’s data.

The Portfolio of Tracking Features

Tracking GPS Location: The mobile tracking program will let you know precisely the location of the phone in real time. You will also get a link to Google Maps.

Locking or Unlocking the handset: This program features capabilities to lock or unlock the device in order to prevent its misuse in the event of it being stolen or lost.

Keeping SMS Logs: An important feature of this program will let you send and receive messages with the entire range of details like that of the recipient or the sender. While the program keeps a log of all the messages, it will also enable you read the messages online even if they are deleted from the cell phone.

Maintaining Call Logs: You can keep a close watch of all the phone calls received in and made from the device with details regarding the time and duration of the calls.

Accessing the Photos, Videos and URLs: You can view all photos and videos shot by the phone and stored in it. You can also have the complete browsing history with time.

Information on Email Logs Delivery: Besides getting the logs uploaded to the website, you can also arrange to get the logs directly delivered into your email address as and when you need them.