WebWatcher Review

WebwatcherThis application is claimed to be a good solution to address your need to monitor your family and employees.

WebWatcher was founded in 2002 and is an Inc. 5000 company with a bench of technical personnel available to help customers 24/7.

The remote monitoring software developed by this company is compatible with the following platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android & BlackBerry. The company positions its product for business, home and corporate needs, as well as offers mobile & desk-/laptop versions.

Let us take a look if it lives up to its customers’ expectations by looking at its basic features, pros and cons, and other significant factors.

Some of the Features offered by WebWatcher

  • View Activity Remotely
  • Alert Word Notifications
  • Website History
  • Email
  • Web Search Terms
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Instant Messaging
  • Web Filtering
  • Program Blocking
  • Alert Word Screenshots
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Call Log History
  • App Usage
  • As well as the favorite LinkedIn; YouTube; SnapChat ; Instagram etc.

Pros and Cons

To help customers decide whether to avail of their products or not, here is a quick look at it and a brief discussion of its pros and cons.

Advantages of WebWatcher

  • Multiple devices monitoring
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money-back guarantee

Disadvantages of WebWatcher

Pricing. Everything in their product line is priced at $99.95. This is way too expensive for customers; you can easily find a cheaper one with same features. The features provided by WebWatcher software are really not enough to justify its pricing.

The company claims, WebWatcher cannot be tampered with. Actually, every program can be revealed on a device, some day or other, one way or another. Thus, WebWatcher can be detected too.

One more points. The app causes some glitches and problems in terms of functionality, and at times, it gets removed upon detection, as the antivirus finds it and flags as virus.


Based on our use of this product and customer reviews, we rate this application as satisfactory.

WebWatcher is a medium-value solution for parents who want to make sure their kids are protected from online dangers. Besides, it’s good for employers who want to monitor their employees on the company-issued devices. The feature set includes basic tracking features and tools that might come in quite handy in many situations. This cell phone & computer tracker would be ideal for monitoring kids without violating their privacy, as well as tracking movements and actions of the employees.

iOS, Android

4 (397 ratings )
Price: $67.99

5 thoughts on WebWatcher Review

  • maan

    hi there

  • ontlametse princewell

    i want to spy on each and every phone and detect if my phone is being traced.

    • admin Post author

      You always may contact with custom support of this app. But I would suggest you to try mSpy . This software has much better custom support and have much more features.

  • Paula

    This is the absolute biggest waste of non-refundable money I have ever spent. NOT compatible to iPad or iPhone even though they say it is, the key is your child can look at porn sites and as long as they clear their browsing history you will never know what sites were visited, even though they promise it will work, knowing full well there are no refunds. Great scam

  • Ann Collette

    I am currently using the Premium, it’s not worth it. All you get is Messages, phone listing and photos if texts are deleted right away you will not get it. ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS. Waste of money.


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