What to Consider When Selecting Spy Software

There comes a time when employers, parents, and even spouses decide that there is a need for monitoring the smartphone usage of those that work for them or those they love. The purchase and installation of a tracking or spy software program is a great way to monitor phone usage and activities without detection. If you have made the decision that it is time for you to start doing such a thing, then you need to consider a few things before you choose a spy or tracking software like mSpy.

spy on smartphone

 Out of Pocket Expenses

 In the day and age of extremely tight budgets, when you are looking around for spy software you need to take into consideration what you can afford. What your budget is, may or may not, have a bearing on what type of software you can get. Many software programs have a set fee for all personal phones or home usage, whereas companies require putting the software on multiple phones, not just one individual. These subscriptions can run from $49.00 for personal usage to $350/6-month for the smartphones of five employees.

 Smartphone Monitoring

 The main reason that you are purchasing and installing spy or tracking software on any smartphone is the monitor how the phone is used. You want to find what features you can monitor on the cellphone. Features should allow tracking of call logs, text messages, and web browsing history, stored contents, and GPS location. Other things to track include the contacts list, calendar, and even Snapchat monitoring. By having the ability to monitor all of these different features of the phone you can determine if someone is contacting individuals, or websites, that they should not have access to with that phone.

 Smartphone Controls or Limits on Usage

 Monitoring a smartphone only does so much if you cannot limit or control usage. If upon monitoring the phone you discover your child is accessing websites or applications that are not appropriate, you need to be able to delete and/or block these from the phone. Controls also allow you the ability to block pornographic and online gambling sites that are not appropriate for either your kids, or your employees to be accessing on a work phone.

 Technical Support

 Even if you never need it, it is important to know that you have customer service available 24/7 to help you with any problems or questions that may arise with your chosen spy software. It is important to know that, if you have an issue, you do not have to try to fix the problem on your own, that someone is there to assist you through either a phone call, email, or even a live chat.

 Getting a great spy, or tracking, software requires a bit of thinking before you commit to one. Make sure you find out what you can monitor, what you can control, how much it costs monthly, and if they offer technical support. Taking all of these into consideration will help you get the best software available to monitor your kids, employees, or spouse’s smartphones.