Why Mobile Monitoring Is Not Just For Kids

children mobile monitoringThere is a fairly common misconception that mobile monitoring software is only meant for monitoring our kids, but to believe this is to discount the true power of mobile monitoring software. Mobile monitoring apps like mSpy can be used to record the smartphone activities of kids, teens, employees and even spouses who have and Android, iPhone on Blackberry device.

Teens and Internet. How to Be Sure about Their Safety There?

With the increasing popularity of tablet devices and smartphones there is a growing demand for mobile monitoring software to help us protect our kids. The Internet is a fantastic resource, but it also has a great deal of danger woven into it in the form of inappropriate information and predatory people. Children and teenagers are naturally inclined to push their boundaries and will often end up abusing the privileges that have been given to them along with their smartphone. mSpy mobile monitoring software gives you that extra pair of eyes to see exactly what they are up to on their phone. You will have access to call records, texts, browser history and even GPS. It is not so much about mistrusting your children, but more about keeping them safe until you know that they understand how to protect themselves.

Use and Abuse of Mobile Phones within the Company

Just as teenagers abuse their phone privileges, so do employees! It is impossible to know exactly what all of your employees are doing and that is where a mobile monitoring app like mSpy can be a valuable tool. This app lets you find out what your employees are doing on your time and money. It will allow you to ensure that company issued phones are not used for personal calls and you will also be able to monitor employee’s GPS location to make sure that they are where they should be and not sitting home relaxing when they say they are out in the field making calls.

Mobile Monitoring App You’ve Been Looking For

employee phone monitoringmSpy offers parents and employers alike a powerful mobile monitoring solution. Through the easy to use Control Panel it is possible to monitor the device(s) in real time or record information to view at a later date. Just some of the features include: call interception, access to call logs, view text messages, view Emails, see images and videos, view browser history, monitor Email communications and GPS monitoring, app for Viber tracking. There are also remote SMS commands which allow you to lock or wipe the phone when it is lost or stolen.

As a parent, mSpy can offer you peace of mind. You will be able to see in an instant if your child is somewhere they have been forbidden to go or if they are sending or receiving inappropriate messages. Teens have no concept of how damaging sending ‘sexy’ photos can be and often do not realize that once they are out there on the Internet they may just come back to haunt them at a later date. Now you can intercept them and intervene as required. As an employer, mSpy can help you maintain a level of productivity in your employees by eliminating an abuse of flexible working environments and phone privileges. The question really is not ‘do you need mobile monitoring software’ it is ‘can you afford not to have mobile monitoring software’!