Why should you Spy on the WhatsApp Messages of your Child?

Why should you Spy on the WhatsApp Messages of your Child

By now, it’s common knowledge that there a lot of spy apps available that let you monitor any phone you want. These apps can gather whatever information you need about your target device, be it a history of text messages and emails or information about social and communication apps like WhatsApp.

Spy apps are used mostly by parents who wish to keep an eye on their children’s smartphones. But while many parents are aware of this fact, not all of them know exactly why they should be spying on the WhatsApp messages of their children.

Gives Access to Strangers

The first reason many parents need to consider spying on their child’s WhatsApp use is because apps like these open up your children’s world to strangers. Online predators and cybercriminals contact children every day and the children, being innocent, fall prey to their tricks. This can have some dangerous consequences, so it’s better to know exactly who your child is talking to over WhatsApp.

Encourages Sexting

No parent wants their child to take part in sexting. For those who don’t know, sexting is the sharing of provocative images and videos, as well as text messages, with others. WhatsApp is a completely free service, and that includes the sharing of media between devices. This can encourage young teens to start sexting.

Sexting is already bad as it is, but the danger gets amplified if these images ever fall into the wrong hands. What children don’t realize is that once something is shared over the internet, it never truly goes away.

Distances from Real Life

If young children get hooked on using applications like WhatsApp, they start losing interest in other things. This includes family time, school work, and a general interaction with people. Using a spy app to monitor their usage, you can also be able to shut certain apps down after a specified period of time. This allows you to make sure that your children are not using WhatsApp once they are supposed to be sleeping or doing their homework.

So Use a Spy App

And so this is why you need to spy on your child’s WhatsApp use. It may seem like an invasion of their privacy, but at the end of the day their safety and a healthy mental growth is much more important than that for many parents.