Why to Root Your Android Phone?


“What is rooting? Why should I root Android phone?” These questions are asked quite often by owners of Android devices, that is why we are going to discuss them.

The Rooting Phenomenon

Rooting your Android, a term that you may come across when searching on how to improve your Android device. Rooting is the process in which the restrictions that your vendor or manufacturer has applied are removed and full-access is allowed. Once you have rooted your device, you are able to run more applications, have more control over settings, features and performance.

Basically, you can fit out your device to a greater degree, and you can accelerate it in a variety of ways, e.g. extend battery life. Rooting means to get to the root of the OS and to have the ability to make major changes. The process embraces backing up your existing software and then installing a modified version of Android. Most people consider Rooting in order to run properly a specific app.

Reasons to Root Your Device

Definite apps and software need a root permission in order to run properly. If you want freely install and use the software you wish, you need to root your Android. Mireview concerns different types of phone spying software and if you want to get the most from some of apps you should root your device. To use advanced Android tracking apps like mSpy, PhoneSheriff and SpyBubble you don’t need to root the phone – but some of the unique monitoring features (e.g.Viber and Facebook tracking in mSpy) will not run properly unless you perform this.

Before You Start Rooting

People who are new to rooting should understand that rooting is a device specific process. You should do a profound research, as there are dozens of sites with how-to-do videos and device-specific instructions, because no two phones can be rooted the same way. When searching on web-sites or forums for rooting methods, search using the specific model of your device and not only ways to root Android. Make sure you completely understand the technical particularities of rooting your device.

Rooting Apps

There are lots of apps to root your Android device; you only need to download one into your computer. You can make use of the following apps in Google: Android Firewall, Greenify, Z4Root, Universal AndRoot, etc.

What Now?

Finally you can freely install app you want, modify and individualize your Android device and, what is more, get the most out of phone monitoring apps.

In the iPhone world, Rooting would be the equivalent to Jailbreaking your iPhone.