Zones of Risk at a Workplace

confidential company informationOne of the major problems that modern day business owners face is the leaking or theft of confidential company information. Data theft is costing companies around the globe, millions in lost revenue, as well as that it is quite possible for a company who have invented a new product, to have that products details stolen from them by another company.

With strong firewalls in place, it is getting more and more difficult for hackers to infiltrate a company’s computer network, and so they have to find ever more ingenious ways in which to get hold of the information.

Industrial espionage is becoming a big problem, especially within big businesses, and there are two ways in which one company can infiltrate another. The first way, is to get one of their employees into the target company by getting them to apply for a job there, the other way is to make contact with an employee who already works at the firm, and pay them to pass on sensitive information.

Possible ways out

One of the ways in which business owners can prevent the passing on of sensitive information, is to install cell phone spying software onto the phones of their employees. Now we do not mean the employees own personal phone, we mean any phones that the company provide for their employees to use for work purposes only.

By installing cell phone spying software onto the cell phones that they provide to their employees, they can set up the software to notify them of any potential breaches in the security of their data. Alerts can be set up to notify a business manager of certain keywords being mentioned in SMS and email messages for example, as well as allowing access to all communications that the phone has either received or originated.

Privacy Invasion or Data Protection

Ethically, there are concerns that these kinds of cell phone spying apps are an invasion of worker privacy, and they have a valid point. However, business owners often suggest that if the worker does not have anything to hide, then they have nothing to worry about. Cold comfort to those people who feel that they are being monitored 24/7 perhaps, however, in the business world, data breaches can be costly, and workers can suffer as a result of a company losing out on a big order, or by having one of their new product lines usurped by a rival. So maybe it is in everyone’s best interest to go along with the monitoring of company cell phones.

Legally, it is probably a good idea to inform employees, that the cell phones provided by the company have cell phone spy software installed. They may not like the idea, but it is better that they are forewarned rather than finding out some other way, and making a legal fuss over it.

In a world where data is becoming more valuable than ever before, it makes sense to have a warning system in place to alert you to the possibilities of data theft, and cell phone spying apps are an inexpensive way of doing that.

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