IPhone Spy Apps – Best 3 Software for Tracking Your Phone



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You might be asking yourselves why anyone would ever need to spy on someone else’s phone in the first place. If so, it would surprise you to know that there are a lot of very viable reasons for this.


The first, and possible the foremost of these, is that there are a lot of people who don’t quite understand the threats that they are exposed to when they rely on their gadgets too much. This is especially true when they use a lot of apps that allow them to share their thoughts and private data with others. Children and teenagers are particularly exposed to these threats, as they don’t understand the difference between a friend and someone simply posing to be a friend to gain information about them over the internet.

Another possible reason could be that an employer wants to make sure that his or her employees don’t start selling company data to someone through their IPhones. Having the ability to spy on their activities and monitor their communications can help save employers quite a lot of problems.

So, we need spy apps. These are designed to track everything that goes on in a phone. From SMS messages and call logs to email and browsing history, spy software can really help people avoid some tough situations. With so many available today, your choice is sure to vary based on your own preferences.

Spying on an iPhone

While spying on Android phones is very straightforward, it is admittedly a little trickier with iPhones. Androids are generally much more open towards the user in terms of accessibility and customization, which makes it easier for developers to build software that can access information on the phone. iPhones, on the other hand, are a product of Apple’s. This is a manufacturer who likes to have control over its products, in the hope of keeping the experience top-notch and stable. While it does achieve this, it also means that it’s harder to access the device’s data.

There is nothing to worry about however, as smartphone monitoring apps also support monitoring iOS.

Before we tell you how spy programs work, you should understand the difference between the two types of iPhone spy apps you can get.

The Jailbreak Solution

These tracker apps are for those iPhones which have already undergone the process known as jailbreaking. This is a process that allows the user to access many more features of the phone as compared to one that hasn’t been jailbroken.

The spy software for these iPhones has a noticeably larger feature set. As the programs have deeper access to the phone, they can pull out a lot of private information. This allows them to monitor almost everything that goes on. This includes features like location tracking as well as gathering information about app usage etc.

The Non-Jailbreak Solution

But what if your target’s iPhone is not jailbroken? Surely you can’t always go ahead and perform a jailbreak on someone’s iPhone and expect them not to even notice. This could be a possibility in case of little children, but of course it becomes impractical in case of other scenarios.

So iPhone monitoring software has evolved to help people keep an eye on such devices as well. The only thing you require here is the target’s Apple ID and password, because the programs that allow you to get inside a non-jailbroken iPhone do so by accessing the phone’s iCloud data.

Everything synced with the iCloud is automatically sent over to your online account with the spy app as well. This includes text messages, call logs, contact lists, photos and videos etc. While this does not provide you with more in-depth features, it can come in handy when you need to find out the truth about someone with an iPhone that is not jailbroken.

Looking for the Right Features

So once you’ve decided that you need a spy program to monitor someone’s iPhone use, you need to be sure that the choice you make is the right one. A part of this choice will be the features you require. This varies from person to person based on who they want to spy on.

In case you are going to use a monitoring software to keep an eye on your children, here are some features you should look for:

  • SMS spying
  • Browsing history
  • Contact list
  • IM app monitoring
  • Keystroke logging

While there are a lot more features available, these are the ones that are most probably the ones that your child can be using, which may be putting him or her in danger. The reason is that most online predators use social networks to reach out to children. That is why it is important to spy on applications like Viber and Snapchat. Features like keystroke logging will help you be sure that your children are not looking for inappropriate things over the internet.

One the other hand, if you wish to spy on someone else, like an employee, then you might be looking for features like these:

  • Email history
  • Call logs
  • GPS location
  • Turning the phone into a listening device

With all of these features, you are sure to find out whether an employee is using his or her iPhone for planning some sort of fraud against you.

Other Factors

Once you have found out the features you need, it is time to do some research. Go through some user reviews of the spy software you are thinking of using to make sure that it runs smoothly and is stable. There are many examples of scam apps out there, so doing a little research doesn’t hurt.

Another thing you should look for is technical support. Many of these programs provide excellent support even after you have made your purchase, and that is vital. You cannot always get the software working as you expected it to, so having someone help you out is important. Look for contact options such as calling and live chat other than the conventional emails, as these are quicker and can lead to an answer sooner.

The Actual Usage

After you have made your choice and purchased the spy software, the rest is easy. All you have to do is download the software onto the target iPhone and let it install. Setting up won’t take long at all. You will have to make an account with the software you’ve chosen, where all the data gathered from the iPhone will be synced to for your review. In case of an iPhone without jailbreak, you will need to have access to the Apple ID and password beforehand.

Once set up, the program will start working on its own. It will hide itself from the user’s iPhone, although there are some programs that notify the target of being monitored, and keep working in the background with minimal data usage. All the information you require will be sent over to your own account, which is safe from outside access to as to keep the information accessible only to you. Here you can easily review all the activity in the form of tabs and categories, based on the preference of your app of choice.

So the next time someone asks you why you wish to keep an eye on someone’s iPhone, you will have the answer. The reasons to monitor can be many, but whatever it may be, you can now rest easy that it is possible.