TOP 3 SMS Spy Apps – Best Trackers in 2018



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mobile spy

Mobile Spy
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SaarReviewSymbian, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows MobileNoNo$49.95The good thing about this product is that it supports almost all Internet-enabled phones and even a device such as the iPad. There are con…Read more

You wouldn’t be wrong to start having doubts about someone who is always buried in their phone’s SMS messages. Be it your child, your employee, or someone else, an excessive use of one’s phone’s texts can lead to some serious threats, making you want to spy on them.


In the case of children, spying may be the start of being approached by strangers who are planning to somehow manipulate them later on. For employees, it may be them trying to commit some sort of fraud against their employer, by being in SMS text contact with someone who is a competitor.

Or it could be just an excessive use of one’s phone SMS messages, after all.

Whatever the case, if you are worried about something of the sort, you don’t have to be. There are a number of SMS spy apps available today that can help you monitor whatever phone’s texts you want to track.

Spy Apps – The Way into a Phone’s Messages

The best way to track any phone’s text messages is to use a SMS spy monitoring app. These are made to track any device you need to spy on. You don’t have to be stressed anymore that your daughter, who is spending too much time sending text messages, is actually sexting. Or that your employee who is using too much SMS services on his or her phone is planning something against you.

Spy apps offer a great way to track someone’s SMS text messages. Other than monitoring information about someone’s phone use for SMS, spy apps will also help you get the proof that you want against an employee, or when you plan to finally confront a child taking part in unsafe activities. Other than this, using such spy phone tracker can also help you avoid some serious situations.

Understanding Spy App Monitoring Usage

In order to use an SMS spy app on a phone, you first need to know how to make it work. Luckily, that’s very easy. After choosing the right message spy app, you just need to put it on the target phone in order to start spying on whatever texts you want. The spy app will access the phone’s SMS information and send it all over to an online account you have with the app.

Spy on SMS and More

Other than monitoring text messages, a good tracking spy app will also let you track the phone’s call logs, emails, browser history, contact lists and more. All of this spy information can play a vital role in helping you decide what is actually going on rather than simply having data about phone messages.

In case of tracking an employee’s text messages on his phone, you can also use a spy app’s GPS tracking feature to monitor where they go when they take long breaks. You can also track IM applications like WhatsApp and Viber if you are trying to spy on your children’s phone usage to know if some stranger is trying to solicit your child, or whether your child is engaging in phone SMS activities which are otherwise unhealthy.

What to Look in a Spy App

The main things that you should look for in SMS spy phone app are features, stability, and support. These are the basic factors that should drive your choice of a quality SMS spy app. Message spy apps have to be run constantly on the tracked phone, and thus need to be stable. Otherwise spy trackers run the risk of being detected while the phone’s messages are being monitored. Reading some user reviews about spy apps can help you make your decision as well.

Another thing you should look for in a decent spy app for monitoring SMS messages is a solid technical support system. This is important to have in case you run into any technical problems while spying on the phone.